about the stuff

Sometimes I am shure, I only exist in the brain of someone other – but hey, so what.

Here I write my story, the story of me and my father and fatherfather; its about the mystical dive-masters, not about the highdiver. To read about the highdiver, you have to buy the comic, check it out here:


and for the printversion of it contact post(at)blechstern.de, but that print is expensiv, I tell you … . That blog is for free – and for me.

All my german words are translated to english by the gentle power of Richenda Gillespie, check her here:

http://www.richendagillespie.com – she is the best, and that is simply the truth.

Last but not least, all of the content here in word and illustration is part of the Turmspringer-Projekt, eine deutsche Superheldengeschichte, and belongs in every right to Zlata Pasalic, berlin, check out: http://www.e-cartella.com and http://www.blechstern.de

So have fun with my tales. Ezra Fitz / Berlin / 2006



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